What Goes Into LTV

Savanna Dent, Senior Staff Writer

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Everyone sees LTV everyday during second period. Have you ever wondered what goes on when creating that show? Well it is kinda crazy. If you have ever been in the library then you have seen and peeked I to see what’s in the LTV room. You’ll see a camera we use to record the news and then we take that footage and put it on the computer to edit it and make the episode. I’m jumping ahead of myself what you don’t know is the tiny details that go into the recording of the episode and all the cool effects and videos that go into the episode. So when on our LTV crew, you have a designated job so a few people work on our script, a few people work in the slides of info you see then you have our anchors who you see on air. Then comes my favorite job the recorder makes sure all the cameras are good, the angle is right, and the coolest part of all after everything is done we get to edit the show (if you know how). When you edit the show you take out all the parts that were messed up on and add in things like or features or our slides. This usually takes about a day because different people come in and work different times of the day. So this is why you see our anchors in different outfits because we record for the next day.

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