The Virus Between Us

The Virus Between Us

Kennedy Walker, Sophomore Staff Writer

As the coldest days approach and the start of winter is upon us, I ask of you kind classmates and teachers to get your backpacks armed with bottles of hand sanitizers, wipes, and a stash of easy to access tissues. Let’s face it people, we are in tight quarters, and those pesky germs are sometimes the only thing that can squeeze their way between these packed hallways.

Winter this year starts December 20th and will continue to March 20th; this year the weather forecast in our area is expected to be a cold one…and do you know what that means? Yes, that’s right, germs are moving in. Germs love the cold air. Take the flu virus for instance, did you know that the flu virus survives longer in low temperature air. Listen up this is where the tissues come into important play…someone infected with the flu sneezes in class and doesn’t use a tissue, according to National Health Services, someone sneezing can release infected germ droplets into the air that can live in the air for 24 hours infecting who knows how many other students but if you grab a tissue and use it, did you know that the flu virus will only live on the tissue for up to 15 minutes; do you know how many students or teachers that will hopefully be spared the tortured of the flu?

Then there’s the common cold, hence the name common. Colds are vicious around schools because they are easy to get and just as easy if not easier to give. The cold portray so many symptoms…coughing, sneezing, sore throats, headaches, body aches…yada yada yada–doesn’t sound very fun does it?  It’s almost like playing a game at the carnival, anyone can step up and play but only the lucky ones get to win the big prize, in this case the big prize isn’t so great. Again looking to the experts, I have come to learn myself how common the common cold really is. Did you know that someone that is harboring a cold virus can perform a simple task like cough or sneeze while sitting at their desk, sound simple right? Well this is where is gets mind-blowing…one week, yes one week, 7 days later those viruses are still on this non-porous surface. Okay, as a germaphobe I can honestly say I am literally frightened! Thanks for the information National Health Service, I will be sure to thank the hardworking custodial staff today for working diligently each night wiping done our schools’ desks, handrails, light switches, and other surfaces that a few hundred people most likely touched just that day alone. So again the wipes, important! The tissues, important! The hand sanitizers and bathroom hand soap  a must for all, all day!

So I get it, you want a sick day, but the other over thousand of us in the school may not, we have things to do and being sick isn’t on top of the to-do list. Plus you have to remember some of the student/teacher body that may already have that compromised immune system. Someone with an suppressed immune system is that person who doesn’t even have to play that carnival game and is a winner every time. It’s  like the common cold is more than just common is like a cousin that moved into the guest room next to your room and they are always just there with no intentions of leaving and boy do they love to stay especially during the winter months.

So you get it right! It’s simple, we are in high school! But for simplicity sake let’s quickly go over the few rules…use a tissue not your sleeve, use the soap in the bathroom, cover your mouth with your arm when you cough, wipe down your desktops, don’t share your food and drinks, if you can use a clean paper towel to open the bathroom door use it, thank your custodial staff, and please stay home when you’re sick and get well. We like you, we’re your friends, you have five days to make up your work, we all miss you but we don’t want to be sick with you…I’m  sure you understand!