Avenue Disc Dog Show


Kate McKay and Peyton Island

On November 19th, the school was treated with a delightful show by the Avenue Disc Dogs. Leonardtown High School teacher Adam Cropper’s hardwork and love for his dogs makes this more than just a show; it’s an experience. We caught up with Cropper to learn about his journey to disc dog stardom.

Cropper, however, couldn’t have been as successful without, “ trial and error, good friends in the business, and trainers who helped him out.” The process of training  the dogs was constant hard work, they trained for two hours a day, at the beginning, making it a long and tedious process. Cropper says, “ I am a competitive person and the dogs love to compete in the shows,” which is one of the many reasons he likes to compete.

His most recent show, here at our school, went very well. The crowds’ energy and support made for a great performance. But the biggest event of all will be in September 2019 , at the World Championship. The competition is fierce , with people and dogs from all around the world such as Japan, Australia, China and even Germany.

Cropper has a connection to his Border Collies- Magee, Khloe, and Buddy, that make his shows unique. But he couldn’t be as successful without the help of his sponsors, Toyota of Southern Maryland, Canidae Pet Foods, Wag n’ Wash, BFF pet service, and the charity Sending Smiles ran by sisters from Chopticon High School. Make sure to look out for The Avenue Disc Dogs in the future, and a new Border Collie addition to their family!