Unity Day: The Fight to Prevent Bullying

Kyleigh Garner, Staff Writer

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Unity Day is all about anti-bullying, being united for kindness, acceptance, and inclusion. It is the signature event of National Bullying Prevention Month where individuals, schools, communities, and businesses wear orange to show support. Data shows that one in five school-age children (20.8%) report being bullied at school according to the National Bullying Prevention Center. Bullied students indicate that bullying has a negative effect on how they feel about themselves(19%), their relationships with friends and family and on their school work(14%), and physical health(9%) according to the National Center for Educational Statistics in 2016. Yet, not only in real life bully harmful, cyberbullying is just as awful. For those who do not know, cyberbully is a form of bullying that is created over the internet. Cyberbullying contains sending, posting, or sharing negatives and harmful content about someone that may not even be true. 15.5% of high school students are being cyberbullied and 20.2% are bullied on school property. While, 24% of middle school students are being cyberbullied and 45% are bullied on school property. In society, we think that high school is this awful black hole. Bullies, jocks, cheerleaders, this and that. But in reality, statistics prove that middle school is actually worse. Either way, bullying is something that is incredibly preventable. As a kid, I grew up with the saying “If you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all.” I believe that this saying comes in play when we talk about bullying. Bullying is a traumatic event that occurs too often. Let’s stop spreading negativity and start spreading positivity. A simple “Hi, how are you?” could make not only someone’s day but maybe even their whole week. You never know what is going on behind the closed doors. So let’s start putting each other up, instead of bringing each other down.

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