Spirit Week Hallways

Peyton Island and Kate McKay

As spirit week begins, our hallways come to life with scenes from around the world. Students decorate their designated hallways with colorful artwork and humorous hidden messages. These hallways simply being canvased in paper and paint allows the community of Leonardtown High School to become more connected and enthusiastic with school spirit.


This year the freshman decorated their designated hallway for the theme Arctic circle, the hallway was filled with christmas scenes, toys and even holliday music. Sophomores adorned their hallway with vivid scenes of the arid Savannah, with stunning paintings of animals and sunsets, the sophomores really showed their strength with technique. Walking into the junior hallway was like stepping into the deepest part of a safari, encompassed in dark green, the class of 2020 took a comical twist to their hallway with a scene of Principal Mills and Mr. Copsey driving a safari jeep. Seniors made a splash with their hallway, diving into their theme under the sea, and taking a stab at Northern Football with a picture of USS Northern, our homecoming football opponents, sunk by the Leonardtown Raiders.


To gather a deeper insight about the work that is put into our hallways, we interviewed some of the head students in charge of the hallways. When asked what the most hard part of the decorating process was, Tim Moser, sophomore head, responded “trying to hot glue all that paper to the walls was a real struggle for the sophomores.” When freshman head Bill Parillo was asked about how much fun he had while decorating, he responded enthusiastically “the painting and drawing was a lot of fun, and the food we got to eat too.” We then asked which class had the best hallway, and senior head Andrew Durst responded “definitely the sophomores, their hallway had great painting and was really cool to look at.” Junior head Mckynzee Tippet said “it was great to see how everything looked when we finally finished, and to see what the other classes did with their hallways.” Every hallway was unique and fun in its own way, bringing an aspect of anticipation for homecoming to the students and teachers.