Fall Fashion


Among grades, AP classes, extracurriculars, sleep, and trying to have some semblance of a social life, it may seem as though there is no time in high school for Fall Fashion, but you would be wrong. With a chill in the air, the hallways and trees erupt in color. While it may be hard for some of you to understand the do’s and don’ts of fall fashion, we have some teachers who serve fall looks on the daily.

First, let’s start off with one of my personal favorites, Mr. Adams. He describes his style as “metrosexual mixed with fat man casual.” No matter how bad he wants to dress nice, the “fat man” in him is always telling him to go comfy. Something we can all relate to! I mean, who doesn’t love comfort? But what Mr. Adams does is mix the two together effortlessly, essentially embodying what everyone wants when it comes to clothing–something that looks good, but is comfortable. Some of his favorite places to shop include JC Penny and Target. Both are higher-end retail stores that specialize in a variety of clothing that fit all shapes and sizes. His fall must-haves include dark-colored clothing, blacks, blues, and anything with vertical stripes. While Mr. Adams is not the biggest fan of fashion, he has no problem respecting and admiring those who look good. As if he doesn’t look good himself! His one tip for achieving the ideal fall style is to make sure that what you wear is appealing to others, but comfortable for you. So don’t be afraid to dress according to the latest trends, but make sure you feel comfortable in your own skin. As long as you feel good, you will look good!

Next, we have THE Mrs. Harding, who describes her style as “mellow conservative.” Personally, I would describe it more as the girl-next-door. When asked who she was wearing when interviewed, Mrs. Harding told us that she was wearing a new clothing line called “Clothes from my Closet.” While the designer is unknown, I must say, the clothing is fabulous! Harding’s fall essentials include lots of sweaters and pants, anything comfortable just like Mr. Adams. She loves to wear browns and greens in the fall, as they reflect nature and Earth’s beauty. Similar to Mr. Adams, while Mrs. Harding isn’t the biggest connoisseur of fashion, she appreciates when others dress well. When someone is serving a look, you have got to give them credit where credit is due. Mrs. Harding’s advice in regards to rocking fall fashion is to just be you. Don’t be afraid to be original or unique. Remember, that’s how trends get started!

Casually Comfortable is the in style with some of the most stylish LHS teachers, Ms.Wogman and Mr. Cropper. They both agree that as long as you’re comfortable, you can pull off almost any style. Wogman, the edge of the pair, mentioned while wearing an adorable charcoal grey quilt pattern Anthropology dress “don’t be afraid to take risks.” If you try something new it could surprise you. She also mentioned that it can be very helpful to ask the opinion of others, and find out what they think you might look good in. Cropper mentioned the counterpoint that you should also trust yourself, and sport what you think looks good on you. One thing’s for sure, with this look, confidence is key. If you are trying to go for that edgier approach to the confident casually comfortable look you might take a page from Wogman’s book, and just try to be Wogman. If that fails however try mixing accents of bright color with your darker colors and earthtones.

If you want a pop of elegance with your everyday style, Ms. Hager is definitely your icon. She manages to be stylish and classy with her Everyday Chic look. When trying to recreate this look, start off with some buildable pieces that you can pair with anything, Hager suggests some comfy heels, boots, Sperrys, hats and scarves to start off with. She also suggests that earthtones with dusky oranges or buttercup yellows are perfect for fall. Although she manages to pull off the effortlessly chic look, she doesn’t have to go out and spend bajillions. Go through your own closet, or hit up the thrift store she suggests. Fashion is all about communication and what you feel good in, says Hager, if you feel good you’ll look good. If you are looking to recreate her look, but are having trouble finding a place to start, Hager suggest finding some fashion apps, or checking out Pinterest for some ideas. Her yellow scarf and jean jacket pair just scream gorgeous and if you follow her tips– taking basic pieces and building, you too can achieve equally phenomenal looks.

With these style icons to be inspired by, there should be no excuses as to why you aren’t serving fall looks too! So, just as you listen to them teach their given subject, listen to the fashion advice and don’t be afraid to try something new!