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Into the Capstone

Joy Deitrich, Staff Writer

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After four long years of study and research, your 2017 Global & International Studies class has finally reached its beginning of an end. The commencement of capstone exhibition begins with the symposium. On November 1st, 2016, a cohort of exhibits, websites, and videos will be on display for 23 capstone creations. The symposium is designed to display each capstone topic in a tangible, concise way. Many of the topics chosen this year are stated as follows:


Jason Ferris-

Abridging Apathy

  • Fighting disconnectedness with literature
  • Service display
    • Held writing workshop at St. Mary’s Library
    • Created a literary Magazine
  • Leonardtown Lexicon


Millie Martin & Michael Miles-


  • Addressing the generalizations made on the Islamic people
  • Providing awareness and education on the culture
  • Exhibition design including
  • Physical display of a Muslim home
  • Arabic artifacts


Katharine Cognard-Black-

Righting Writings Wrongs

Upcoming Service Event on October 13th! Come and join!

  • Oppression of women within literature
  • Generalized archetypes of women
  • Exhibition design including
    • Display of service event
    • Literary work examples in glass casing
    • Opportunity to project personal feelings within self-writing


Hannah McCoy-

The Art of Communication

  • Understanding speech pathology through art
  • Exhibition
  • Art showcase
  • Informative Panel
  • Display of service
  • Held an art gallery at the Yellow Door


Joy Deitrich & Stephan Pettet-

Youth Recruitment and Economic Rise of the Islamic State

  • Social media usage
  • Economic benefactors
  • Exhibition design including
    • News broadcast
    • News outlet slideshow
    • World map displaying economic benefactors


These projects have been grueling, yet rewarding. Each project is the culmination of a year-and-a-half of research and these hardworking, passionate students are authorities on their subjects. If you are interested in even a fraction of the examples above, please join us on November 1st. Each exhibition will be on display for the benefit of panel members and all who attend the event.

Hope to see you there!

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