What Are Your Plans for Summer Vacation?

Reagan Walker, Junior Staff Writer

As the school year comes to a close, you know what that means: summer is on its way! Kids will be racing to the front doors of schools for the last time of the year, boarding their school buses and waving goodbye to the teachers, staff and other school workers for the season. But if you’re like the rest of the population, your mind’s already been turning with questions and plans of what to do with all your free time. You happen to be in luck, readers: here are a few ideas to help you figure out how to spend your summer vacation.

Go to the beach! You can swim; you can build sand castles; if you go to the ocean, you can even try your hand at surfing. The shore also provides the chance for other fun water sports, like taking a cruise around the coast on a boat, jumping on a board for windsurfing, or enjoying the waves on a boogie board. Whether you’re looking to relax or get a sun-soaked workout, the beach provides one of the best places to hang out this summer.

Take a trip! Summer is also the best time to visit your family. Whether seeing your grandparents, staying with your aunts and uncles, or embarking on outings with your cousins, take the free time you have and put it towards making memories with the people that mean the most. From staying in for fun at home to taking a group getaway together, the destination and location won’t matter so long as you’re surrounded by those you care about.

Help out the community! By volunteering, you can offer your assistance to the community and those in need. Give your time to helping the homeless at your local shelter or the community’s animals in need. Sort through your possessions and donate old clothing or toys to those who could make better use of them. Partner up with a local camp to volunteer as a counselor or get your certification as a lifeguard and take a watchful eye by the pool. Even raise money for charity with a lemonade stand or bake-sale. Whatever you decide, your efforts will go towards helping to make your local area a better place, so don’t shy away from getting involved and making a difference.

Keep track of your social media! We know that summer is a great time to get away from the toils and dramatics of everyday life, but that doesn’t mean you have to totally disconnect. Use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or even a Youtube account to keep up with friends and stay in touch with what’s going on in your life and theirs. By uploading a video, posting comments, or just browsing through your newsfeed, you can keep everyone updated on all of the fun you’re having without ever missing a moment of what everyone else’s.

Though this list gives you a good idea of where to start in planning your summer, it’s a far cry from a comprehensive list; don’t be afraid to explore for further opportunities and jump on whatever opportunities come your way. Whatever you decide to do, seize each summer day to make the very best of it that you can and, most importantly, take the time to enjoy your summer break!