A Letter to the 2016 Senior Class


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hat tossing ceremony at graduation

Reagan Walker, Junior Staff Writer

Dear senior Raiders,

Graduation is almost here for all of you, and I know that you have many plans for college, for the workforce, or for whatever great endeavors are in your future. But sadly, you will have to leave your teachers, staff, principal, and the rest of the student body behind. But before we all part ways, here are a few words of advice for all of you.

First, don’t forget the people who have helped to guide you through your high school career and prepare you for your future after graduation. I know it is hard to say goodbye, but remember the advice they have given to you since started high school. They’re telling you for a reason. They’ve likely been, or are going through, the same things that you are now, and this advice and these experiences could prove to greatly benefit you for a long time to come.

Wherever you go and whatever you do, be sure to keep your feet on the ground and raise your head up high, because people will tell you every day that you can’t do this, you can’t do that, that there’s no way to make this happen. Tune those people out, because having a sharp focus on your goals will leave you nearly unstoppable. Remember that you are working to achieve your goals to satisfy yourself and no one else. Always try to stay positive, keep yourself in a can-do frame of mind, and face every day with the mindset that you can tackle whatever it is that will come your way.

Although you should do your best to stay confident in every action, keep asking questions, both of yourself and the world around you. At some point, you’re bound to ask yourself if you’ve made the right decision or if you’re headed in the right direction; these question are not only normal, but allow you to better learn about yourself and what you want.

Most importantly, continue to set goals and do what you can to achieve them. You have worked hard to succeed. You have even conquered high school. So don’t stop now– continue to strive for success and chase your dreams. Congratulations to all of you in the class of 2016; I wish you nothing but the best, at graduation and college and whatever is in store for the rest of your lives.