Spring Cleaning 101

Regan Walker

Well, Raiders, the weather is warming up and the birds are out chirping and spring time is finally here. You know what that means: spring cleaning! Whether you clean the whole house or just your bedroom, here are some clean-up tips to make this spring cleaning your tidiest yet.

#1. Organizing your closet. Get rid of all your unused clothing, shoes, and accessories, then pack them up into storage to donate charity, share them with a best friend, or maybe your little sister. After you’ve removed all the clothing that you don’t want, you can put them in a brown cardboard box. Put all the remaining clothing away in your closet, sort them by color or design, but don’t forget the hangers to hang them up–you don’t want to leave your sorted clothing laying in a mess on your bedroom floor!

#2. Organizing your bookshelves. Don’t just find a new home for your pool of floor-cloths; you can do the same with your novels. Sort through all of your old books: put away the ones you want to keep in bins or in a storage area, and donate the ones that you’re getting rid of to a charity or your loved ones. You can rearrange the shelves in whatever order you desire, and you’re then left with the room and opportunity to purchase even more books.

#3 Making the bed. This one’s easy and takes only a minute or two. Put the sheets on the bed, put your blanket on the bed, and set up your pillows, throws, or other accessories on the bed, and voila, you are done. Spring cleaning also stands as the perfect excuse to spruce up your decor, so going out to pick out new sheets or pillows could give your room an entire turn-around.

#4. Plant a garden. In refreshing your garden, you can put in a variety of species and types to brighten up your yard. Go out to your local greenery and purchase flowers, vegetables, plants and even trees– there are endless options to choose from, so perhaps research which species you want. After this comes the planting; don’t forget the water after you do! From here, you can give your garden some extra dazzle with stones, bricks, statues, or other things to make it all your own. If you give it the proper attention and tend to it as needed, you’ll keep a beautiful, lush garden through the spring and beyond!

By combining all these great tips, your cleaning will be as easy as a spring breeze– without the stress — for the whole year… until next spring, that is.