Finishing the Second Quarter

Hailey Springer, Junior Staff Writer

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As we all have made it back from winter break, we are slowly getting back into the grind of our everyday life. But we can’t be getting back into things too slowly, because the second quarter will be ending very soon. This means we will be in a hurry to get work turned in, or any extra credit to help boost those grades up.


I am very sure many of us didn’t get much of a break on our Christmas break, because many of us still had homework even while we were out of school.  Not to mention that most students had several finals before break. Many people can start to see that school is really starting to kick in, work is in full force, and things are starting to get harder. It’s expected, but also brings the possibility of grades going down and stress levels going up. Grades could also be dropping  because of the break: students tend to get a tad lazy during this two week break, which might cause your grades to, in some degree, plummet. Although all of us view this work as terrible, it could also help you; as long as you do your work and turn it in on time, you will end up with at least an average grade, which is not bad. A lot of the time, this work can improve those grades, because even the small process grades can make the difference between an A and a B.
If you aren’t doing too well in this quarter so far, you have two more quarters to go through, to help bring your overall GPA up. These grades can prove, coincidentally, the most important at the end of the year, whether you’re applying for colleges or looking at it in a more general sense. Also, if you feel like you are now starting to struggle because we are starting to get into the real bulk of the year, TOPS tutoring is available for you to take advantage of. If you feel that you may have slacked off these past two quarters, maybe it could be your New Year’s resolution to try and stay focused for the next two. Overall if you didn’t do so well this quarter you have time and resources to help you, one bad grade won’t be the end of the world.

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