Getting to know your security guards

Cassie Gass, Senior Student Life Editor

Have you ever wondered who Leonardtown security guards are? What it is like working here from an adult’s perspective? Or maybe why they do what they do? Some students don’t always see security guards as the best people, but those are the students who think they can do what they want without listening to authority. I have had the privilege to interview some of the few people in charge of safety here: Corporal Delozier, from the St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Office, Ms. Young and Mr. Schubrooks, and here is what they have to say about who they are and why they do what they do.

Corporal Delozier is our new school officer; she came to Leonardtown High this year after being an officer at Margaret Brent and Leonardtown Middle. Encountering many things throughout her career, she shared that working here is like working in its own little town: there are over 1800 people, and she is the sheriff in the “western-like” town. Corporal Delozier says that working here has been awesome: she gets to go through the hallways, work with staff, but then still has some action that she has to deal with. Her best experience as a cop came when a parent approached her and told her that her son had joined law enforcement because of her. With the good days, though, there comes the bad ones. One of Corporal Delozier’s worst occurred at a D.A.R.E. camp, when a young girl came up to her after class and asked the her to arrest her mother. She was an addict, and the young camper didn’t want her to kill herself. As much as she would have like to help, she couldn’t do anything about it because she had no evidence of anything. This type of thing just makes you feel hopeless at times but that bad doesn’t negate all of the good that the job provides, either. We are all so excited to work with her this year.

Ms. Young is another Leonardtown security team member who has been here with Mrs. Montgomery and Mr. Watson, enjoying working under both and saying that her entire Leonardtown career has been “great”. She says that Leonardtown has good leadership and that the staff works well as a team, which she loves. Her favorite part of the job is working with the students, as she loves to interact with them all and have the opportunity to know them better. The thing she doesn’t like about the job? Having days in which she has to work at another school, as she enjoys being here at Leonardtown so much. Students seem to get along very well with Ms. Young, and a lot of students, from those graduating to those only just entering as freshman, seriously value her place in the school community.

 Mr. Schubrooks is another security guard, and he believes so far this year has been excellent. He loves to lead the students the correct way, showing them right from wrong and hoping that they can become respectable people . Like most students, he asserts that the worst part of the job is having to wake up early in the morning.

Security guards are here to help protect our safety and maintain a positive environment at LHS, and these are only a few of our great security guards that work with us at our school. We are grateful to have people who are willing to spend their days around us. Next time you see a member of the security staff don’t just try to sneak by without a pass, stop and get to know them for who they are.