Imagination Contemplation: Creative Writing Club

In Leonardtown High School, there’s a club where students who like to write can meet up with other students like them. This is a club where students express their imagination through writing . Students can also do fun writing activities as well in this club. That club is the Creative Writing club.

Ms. Gill, the teacher in charge of the club, has agreed to let a few of her students answer a few questions about the club.  Some involve how the club helps students in the future, why do they think students would be interested in joining, is there other activities the club provides, and what the club is planning for next week.  “Anyone planning to head into the writing or communication field or just express  the thought nagging at them will jump at the chance to toy with new ideas in a safe environment but hone fluency and presentation skills. It is these sharpened skills that will be a welcome relief in college and a lifelong outlet to express and handle life’s challenges,” said 10th grader Jason Ferris.

“The club can change and grow based on  student input, if they want to move in a certain direction then the club provides that ‘activity’ one example of this is the start of Poetry Out Loud, a student requested activity.  Each week is spontaneously decided, it may vary from week to week, or stay in a similar theme. Some activities we do often include writing based on a prompt, group story writing or group poetry, and reading of poetry.  Students are free to bring their own work to club, and share.” replied Katharine Cognard-Black, another 10th grader in Creative Writing club.

The club meetings are at Tuesday afternoons from 2:45 until 3:30 in Ms. Gill’s room (2E39). Creative Writing is still looking for more members.  If you have a passion for writing and got some ideas that are fun, then come on over to Creative Writing club.  Ask a parent for a ride back home after the club is over