How to Lend a Hand


Interact Club members participate in a gift exchange

Thiana Suarez, Senior Staff Writer

Interact Club is a club that brings together different students from different countries and cultures. It also helps the community by donating school supplies to students who can’t afford them like a pencil pouch drive. Every first and third Monday at after school until 4:00 pm, Interact club is open in Mr. Correll’s room in A29.  But this week, there was a Christmas meeting on Tuesday happening in Mrs. Mandis’s room in 2E37.

All of them brought gifts as part of a game to play.  Snacks and drinks were provided in the club, including pizza. The allowed the students to pick a random gift and are allowed to keep them in the end. The twist is you could steal a gift from a different player until all the presents that were not picked yet are gone. The game and entire club was fun.


The best person to ask a few questions about the club is Sara Cochran, the Interact Club’s president.  She explained her thoughts about Interact club on why students are interested of the club, how the club can change the lives of other people, why the club is important in Leonardtown High School, and what would be an important lesson students could learn in this club. “Interact club involves the exchange students and other LHS students to help the community and understand other cultures.” She said, “Interact club changes the lives of other people by providing gifts to the less fortunate at Christmas time, helping the Rotary club of Leonardtown with fundraising efforts at the Oyster festival, or helping promote education by providing dictionaries and school supplies to elementary school students.  It’s another opportunity for students to participate in community service and learn about other cultures. As you grow older, your actions will affect people around the world both good and bad.”

Students who are interested in joining Interact club must stay after school until 3:45 or 4:00 pm in Mr. Correll’s room in A29 and have a ride after school. This club was all about the diversity of other students and how they can make a big difference of helping others.  No matter where they’re from, born, or how others look they are all equal.