Senioritis: The Eventual Fight for the Cure


Valerie Gregorio, Senior Staff Writer

We are getting to that point of the year where many seniors are finishing up college applications and receiving acceptances already. Once second semester starts, many of them will have already made decisions about where they are going after high school. They might tell themselves that they are done before they even graduate from high school. They might lose motivation to go to class, do homework, or study for tests and final exams. They might spend all of their time hanging out with their friends, partying, sleeping, or watching Netflix. And also, they might stop caring for their grades. This disease is known as senioritis.

Senioritis can be a tough disease to fight since many seniors are already at the finish line. The signs of senioritis are poor grades, incomplete assignments, missing classes, increased absences, laziness, and apathy towards their future. If they do not do well their last semester of high school, it can affect their college acceptances. Senior year does count and any college can revoke a person’s acceptance if their grades drop significantly. Usually the only cure for senioritis is graduation but there are ways to cope with it.

I spoke to a couple of students about how they coped with senioritis. Robert Durst, a LHS senior, said, “To cope with senioritis, I play videogames and watch YouTube. Then I do all of my work in one tear and caffeine-fuelled night. I pass all of my classes without a problem.” I talked to Daniel Carter, also a LHS senior, about how he copes with senioritis and he said, “I just find something in class that makes it more fun or interesting for me like talking to friends or working together on group work, but I keep in mind that this is our last year so make it count.”

I talked to a couple of students about how they actually feel about senioritis. Beatrice Burroughs, a LHS senior, said, “Even though I really just want to give into senioritis. I remember how much this year still matters to get me into college. And as far from high school as possible! That’s way worth a little extra effort.” I talked to Michael Hankinson, also a LHS senior, about how he feels about senioritis and said, “I don’t feel senioritis until after my Fire Rescue class (1-4). After that, I just wish the day would end.”

My advice for people with senioritis is to remind yourselves when each day that goes by, you’re one step closer to graduation. Have a set, organize schedule like when to hang out with friends or when to do homework. Balance is key and if you have a balance out schedule for everything, then you won’t have any problems. Robert Durst, for example, has a balanced out schedule for everything he does. Also, make sure you have fun senior year. Interact with fun people and class and work together like Daniel Carter does with his classmates. I usually deal with senioritis by reminding myself that I have to be competitive for colleges and taking casual breaks when I do homework or study. I’m also involved in many clubs so I can stay busy and take classes that I wanted to take for my senior year.

Overall, do not let get senioritis get to you. It can affect your college acceptance. Do not just drop everything. Have a balance out schedule, get organize, take classes you want to take like Global Diplomacy or Bioethics, and most importantly, have fun.