Unlock Your Holiday Spirit with Key Club


Gingerbread house from Key Club

Thiana Suarez, Senior Staff Writer

The holidays are coming and the weather is getting colder.  To help others keep out of the frigid temperatures and stay warm, Leonardtown High School’s Key Club is working to collect holiday donations.  Key club is held in at room F14 in Mr. Bloch’s room after school from 2:45pm to 3:30pm on every other Monday.  It’s been around for a very long time and helps students learn about leadership.  Learning about the responsibilities of leadership can help students build themselves for their school and communities.  If students were interested in joining Key club, what would be the first thing they’d learn?


Valerie Gregorio, one of the members of Key club and imprint writer, was happy to help out on this article.  During the club, many students were split up into two groups.  Each group must work together as a team to make the best gingerbread house and they have 15 minutes to make them.  Mr. Bloch was the judge to picking the winner.  Snacks were provided and after the gingerbread activity, students were allowed to eat their gingerbread houses.  Key club was very fun and it provided the importance of teamwork plus leadership.


The best person to ask about what makes Key club amazing is the club’s president, Nick Moatsh. He helped answer what makes the club an important school activity especially during the holidays, how it handles difficult situations that involve unscheduled delays, why he believes people would want to learn about leadership, and if students were interested in joining Key club what would be the first thing they’d learn. “At a time like Christmas, we want to help families and focus on that.” he answered, “Our members recognize the importance of helping others. With Key club, we need to stay strong by communicating with each other.  We stick to together and handle any situation.  It’s important to understand how leadership works. It’s good to have opportunities to help people in the near future to handle leadership. The first thing students would see is the people in need and to give out a hand.  Learning how to help people and make them happy is the kindest thing this club could ever do.”
Key Club showed that students can make a big difference by helping others.  Being in that club was pretty amazing to watch students working together. It really brings a positive attitude in the club to be prepared for the challenges they might face in the near future.   I would like to give Key Club a big thanks for being part of this interview. If there are any students who are interested in learning about leadership and helping others, then join Key club.