Terrific Teen Read Week


One of the displays at the book fair

Thiana Suarez, Senior Staff Writer

For the first time ever,  Leonardtown High School is bringing in Teen Read Week.  To celebrate the arrival of this amazing week the book fair, the book club, and hot chocolates during lunches are all being offered.  Teen Read is in the Leonardtown High School library for students to buy new books and different tools. But what makes the book fair so amazing for everyone to be interested? Is it the new series of Hunger Game books, the mind boggling 3-D puzzle games, or is it the toys for students to buy for their younger siblings?

The best place to answer these questions is going to the Paper Beats Rock club.  This club is all about reading and talking about their opinions on the previous book from the previous month and then choose a new one for the the next month. Even though they have their meetings at the 2nd wednesday of the month, they had their first meeting on Wednesday December 3rd after school starting at 3:00 to 3:30 pm.  Snacks are provided in the club every month.  The person in charge of this club is Hannah Utzinger, a sophomore at Leonardtown High School.  She and Ms. Bridges sponsor this club.

The club was very interesting and provided some delicious cookies for snacks on the way.  A lot of individuals had their own favorite books to recommend reading and had to vote what will be the book everyone will read for the next month. One individual recommended a book she noticed in the book fair called Splintered by A.G. Howard where it mentions a girl named Alyssa Gardner worried that she’ll end up crazy because of her family curse when a female in her heritage ends up insane.  This story, of course, is connected to Alice in Wonderland considering Alyssa’s family curse was started by her ancestor Alice Liddell. After the club was done, it was time to ask Ms. Bridges on why they made this club and when will the next meeting happen. “We wanted to do this because we wanted a place where kids feel less pressured about reading books.” she replied, “The next meeting will be on January 14th.”

Checking out the Paper Beats Rock club was amazing, but there are still more things to uncover.  Mrs. Hager was glad to help answer a few questions about the book fair and students reading habits. “I think it’s not just technology that is preventing people from reading.” Mrs. Hager explains, “I believe there’s more competition in our leisure time.  A lot of people are busy doing activities. work, and/or projects than reading.  Our leisure time is being taken away by other activities.  Mostly from work and school.  The most popular items in the fair so far is the complete collection of Grimm’s Fairy Tales and The Luna Chronicles. Yes we get special requests. Austin, who is the representative of Books a Million, has brought down new requested items each day.  The proceeds help the school. It benefits the school by having more books and resources for students and staff.  It allows everyone a chance to stop at a bookstore right here in St. Mary’s County.  You can browse books online, but it’s still important to pick up a book that you may have not thought of reading before.”

After meeting with the book club and understanding more about the book fair, it is still very clear that both of them respect the literature of reading books.  Even though the book fair only comes in Leonardtown High School for only a week in December every year there is still the Paper Beats Rock club. Students that are interested of enjoying the club must ask their parents to come pick them up after school when the club finishes at 3:30 pm.  If you have a book that really catches your attention and want others to read it too then come on over to the Paper Beats Rock club.