The Week of Spirit


Sydney Mooney, Senior Staff Writer

Every year the week before homecoming Leonardtown High School has their Spirit Week. The experience is like no other, with the hallways all decorated and everyone dressed up. It’s the one week out of the year that it doesn’t matter how someone looks or what one wears as long as the students participate. This week the school spirit, unity and pride that the students and faculty of Leonardtown High School is evident because of all the participation.

Spirit week has a theme for everyday. Monday was St. Mary’s County pride day, Tuesday was Character day, Wednesday was Wacky Tacky day, Thursday was City day with seniors having New York, juniors having Honolulu, sophomores having Hollywood and freshman having New Orleans, and last, Friday was Spirit day including pep rally and the Homecoming football game.

From a freshman’s point of view, upperclassmen probably look crazy as the upperclassmen tend to go all out for some days but once the freshman realize how much fun it is they join right in. Freshman Erykah Skinner said “I’m excited for spirit week and had a lot of fun planning my outfits to dress up. I didn’t really know what to expect because this is my first year but it was a lot of fun.” Senior Jamie Ince said “I’m looking forward to all the confused looks from freshman when they realize how big a deal Spirit Week and dressing up are. My favorite day has always been Wacky Tacky day, the day we can all let out our inner hipster.” Senior Johnny Davis said that he was “looking forward to wearing overalls on St. Mary’s County pride day, as well as Spirit day because that will be the best day of the week.” All the dressing up is worth it on Spirit day when you see the entire school in blue, white, silver and seniors with black. Junior Jenna Hall and sophomore Ryan Bowles both say that Spirit Day is by far their favorite day.

With Spirit Week concluding everyone gets revved up for pep rally. The competition for the Spirit Stick gets heated, and seniors made sure to run out on the field like they never have before. Many were not surprised to learn that the seniors won the Spirit Stick, especially after they got a plane to circle the football field during pep rally, waving a banner that read “Class of 2013”! Spirit Week really brings the school and classes together, and changes the environment from regular school to a trip around the country.