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Hey everyone,

Looking for that perfect gift for that special someone? Trying to get them something that they’ll really like? Well, look no further. This quick and easy guide can help you get them that perfect present.

Let’s start with gifts for guys. Guys in a serious relationship usually don’t care what their gifts are as long as you get them something has some meaning behind it. But if you’re afraid he might not like what you have in mind, here are some safe ideas to consider getting him.

1. A Messenger Bag/Laptop Case: Just because they’re guys, it doesn’t mean they don’t need something to bring their stuff around in. These gift’s prices can range from as low as $20 to all the way up to around $110. But it really depends on the guy. You should probably only get him this if he really needs one or if he has talked about getting one.
2. Sports/Music/Video Game Magazines: These are probably the only magazines you’ll ever see a guy read. Whether he’s a musician, an athlete, a video game fanatic, or some combination of the three; guys always like to be informed and one step ahead of their friends. A usual subscription cost is between $15 and $20.
3. Shoes: Girls aren’t the only ones who can be obsessed with footwear. A lot of guys will pay big money for shoes now a days. If you’re dating one of these guys, why not help him out for Christmas? But be warned; shoes usually cost a ton of money. At least the good ones that is. Be ready to spend between $75 and $200.

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4. Headphones: You know how easy it is to lose these things. Or break them for that matter. Headphones like Skullcandies or Gummies are always a nice stocking stuffer to get. But if you’re with one of those major music lovers, go for some Bose Headphones. They might be a little pricy, but what better way of telling him you love him? The costs of these awesome headphones are $99 to $350.
5. Books/Video Games: Who doesn’t enjoy sitting down and reading a good book? If he’s a bookworm, I’d suggest getting a book from an incomplete book series he has. But if he doesn’t like books, get a game he’s been talking about from GameStop. The cost of games are always changing, but GameStop almost always has some kind of sale or special going on.
6. “What if I’m low on cash?”: That’s alright. Small gifts like gift cards or homemade presents are always nice. And like I said in the beginning; if you’re in a serious relationship, he’ll be happy that you thought of him.

But let’s step back from gifts for guys and go towards that perfect something for the girls. Now you girls might say it’s hard to shop for guys, but ladies, it’s hard to shop for you too. Depending on the type of girl you’re with will be the deciding factor for the gift(s). Unlike guys who universally like most of the same things, what your girl will like really depends on her. And not all gifts you can give her can be wrapped and put under a tree. So here are some ideas for you to look over.

1. Jewelry: What sparkles and leaves you’re wallets empty? That’s right! Jewelry! Most girls like these expensive trinkets. As the late Betty Dunn always said “Why settle for chocolates, when you can have diamonds?” Though I think some guys would rather just get chocolate for their girl, buying her a necklace or pair of earrings would really show how much you care for her. And I’d think you’d score some brownie points too.
2. Books/Art Equipment: What if she has more of an artistic side? Books and art supplies would be your best bet. Most girls love to get lost in novels. So keep an eye out for the type of books she’s reading. And if she loves to draw or paint, get her a ton of supplies. Whether its paints and brushes, sketchbooks and pencils, or even some oil pastels, she’ll probably love it.
3. Dates: Remember when I said not all gifts can be wrapped? Take her on a date this holiday. If you do it right, it’ll be a night she’ll treasure forever. So don’t screw it up! Joking, but seriously: if you’re thinking about doing this, plan everything out before hand. Just winging it doesn’t work most of the time. And you might want to get her a little something, like jewelry, so you can give it to her at the end of the date. Trust me on this; it’s been done a million times before, but it always work out in your favor.
4. Homemade Gifts: Homemade gifts are something a lot of girls like, because it shows that you put effort in making something special for her. Now I don’t know what you can do or what she’ll like, but you know that old saying: It’s the thought that counts. And a lot of the time, that’s just what they want.
5. Candy and Flowers: The perfect failsafe! If you think she’s not going to like anything that was just listed or if you’re just a little short on cash, chocolates and flowers are the best fall back plan…just make sure she’s not allergic to whatever you get her first.

I think that just about wraps this up. So I wish you all luck and hope you have a great holiday! Until next time everyone, this is Jordan Dunn signing off!

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