Diego Buitrago

April 2021

When I first got into sports, I didn’t realize it would become another family. You go through everything together. You go through the good and bad, the wins, and the losses. Nothing can replace the memories you made, the feelings you felt, the speeches you heard, or things you said. You give everything you got to the sport; you give your all for the man or woman next to you. It’s blood in, and it’s blood out.


 You guys all have the same mindset and work towards that goal together, nothing is done by one man…it’s always a unit. Things do get tough, but that happens in any family, you just have to choose to learn and grow from it. You all love each other, you grow with each other. Eventually it’ll all come to an end, but family is forever. Only y’all will remember the tough games, practices, the half time speeches, and the fun times. Only the Brotherhood will remember what others don’t see.


 To the Seniors and the team, I love y’all-we had some great times together. I can’t wait to see everyone succeed in life. It was a blessing playing with every person I was lucky enough to encounter. To the rising stars, continue grinding and make a statement. Playing for Leonardtown Football was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. We couldn’t have done it without our coaches. Our story is the foundation. I love all my brothers. Thank y’all for everything.