Wrestling Season 2019-2020


Joseph Stanalonis, Senior Staff Writer

The cold weather has moved in which means that winter sports are upon us. One of the most underrated sports here at Leonardtown High School is our wrestling team. Wrestling is a grueling sport and most people do not realize how much effort our wrestlers put into the sport. They have to maintain weight (Which means they have to stay under a certain weight in order to compete) and stay at a certain point for four months in order to compete. Not only do wrestlers have to go to practice six days a week, they also have to maintain weight. If they are still not on weight then they have to go workout after practice and be able to complete their school work while also getting enough sleep so that they can function the next day. Not to mention the fact that during this time they are counting calories and watching intake. Our wrestling team is very good. Since 2005—when Bobby Samuel joined the Mr. Cummins and the coaching staff—we have won two SMAC Dual Meet Championships, two SMAC Tournament  Championships, a Regional Dual Meet Championship, two Regional Tournament Championships and our team record is 268-67, and that’s just our team accolades. As individuals, our team has had 28 SMAC Champions, 16 Regional Champions, 30 State Placers, and 4 State Champions (3 of them being in the last 4 years).

I had a chance to ask Coach what he thinks the team looks this year Coach Samuel responded, “This years team will ultimately be defined by its improvement each day. We have lost some very talented wrestlers and leaders the last few years. We have a lot of new varsity members getting their feet wet and learning. Our ability to stay focused on improving in practice and in competition will be what allows us to remain competitive at the SMAC, Regional and State levels.” Our next match is away at Lackey on Thursday, January 9th. 


Here is a link to the rest of our schedule