LHS Swim Team: Road to SMAC Win

Theo Cotsonas, Senior Writer

Most people are now aware that Leonardtown Girls Swim Team’s streak has been ended in a brutal fashion. During the tri-meet on January 14th between Leonardtown, North Point and St. Charles, Leonardtown sadly lost to North Point on both the boys and girls side. This loss was very impactful and marked the end of an almost 4 season win streak for boys, and an unprecedented regular season win streak that lasted 16 years and 153 consecutive wins for the girls. As a senior, I personally had never seen a Leonardtown swimming loss either on girls or boys part since I have been in high school. The most recent loss before the loss to North Point, on January 13th, was in 2013, which was a boys’ loss to North Point, but the girls still took the win that night.

Now we’re in a period of leeway. The last meet of the regular season for the swim team was on January 20th, and now there is a period of break until the SMAC meet on February 11th. The Regional Championship will be the following weekend on the 18th, and the State Championship Meet. The swim team has been working very hard over the past few weeks, so you can probably expect an excellent outcome at SMAC that is contrary to how their regular season record fell. Be on the lookout, remember to show your support for Leonardtown Swimming, and come to the SMAC championship meet at the Michael P. O’Brien Athletic Center at St. Mary’s College.