Olympics back in the U.S?

Olympics back in the U.S?

Stryker Marsik, Senior Editor

The Olympic Summer Games goes back to the year 1896, a multi-sport event hosted every 4 years where the best athletes from around the world (over 205 nations) come together to see who’s the best. The athletes are then awarded with first place gold medals, second place silver medals, and third place bronze medals. The United States has hosted the event four times, more than any other country. The three cities that held the Olympic Games were St. Louis, Missouri, twice in Los Angeles, California, and Atlanta, Georgia. After recent rejection of the Olympic Games from Boston, Los Angeles took the opportunity to host a third Game in the year 2024.

Many cities have had the opportunity to host, but some cities like Boston have rejected the hosting. With all the revenue you would think any city would accept right away, but the problem with Boston was that it’s already over populated with over 645,000 people in the city and over 2 million visitors each year. According to the New York Times, the mayor said “I cannot commit to putting the taxpayers at risk.” Hosting the Olympic Games may bring in a lot of revenue, but it’s a very costly budget to build the stadium and other construction detail.
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Bigger names are also trying to use their prestige to highlight their choices for the destination. the New York Times says: “Hall of Famer and Olympic champion Magic Johnson has been named vice chair of the group trying to lure the 2024 Olympic Games to Los Angeles.” Magic Johnson played for the Los Angeles Lakers for 13 years and coached for 1 year. The International Olympic Committee, or I.O.C, says they love sunnyside California, especially Los Angeles for it’s wide range of diversity, and the group consider Los Angeles to be an outstanding and highly qualified candidate.
Los Angeles is the second-largest and the most populated city in the state of California. Mainly known for its weather climate, the “City of Angels” has an assortment of notable places such as Hollywood, Dodger Stadium, Disney California Adventure, Malibu, and many others. The weather is a major draw for this city, as many people around the states move here just for the temperate climate. With little to no rain, California keeps a warm sunny day, and a cool night. One snag the sunny city does have is the occasional earthquakes that strike, ranging in severity. Those like the Northridge earthquake in 1994, which caused major freeways, parking structures, and office buildings to collapse, give a moment of thought to whether an event as huge as the Olympics would be a wise decision for the city.

All in all, Los Angeles is a great running candidate, with its diversity of people, beautiful scenery, and stellar weather. Although some countries have never hosted the Summer Olympics, the United States would be a great place to bring the Olympics back to in the far year of 2024. However, the competition bid is still up for debate, and will be determined in the year 2017, so the world will just have to watch, wait, and hope until then.