Jenna Hall & Sydney Mooney, Sophomore & Junior Staff Writer

This basketball season is going to be a lot different; there is a new coach in town, Dave Holland. Holland was the assistant coach of the boy’s basketball team last year, but is the head coach this year. “Our main goal for this season is to improve every game and make a strong showing in SMAC. Hopefully, everyone on the team will contribute to our success this season.” Holland said.

There are seven seniors on the roster: James Day(Captain), DJ Hayden(Captain), Adam Smith(Captain), Matteo Galli, Zach Stiefvater, Mark Bailey and Kris Oliveras. In addition, there is a group of six solid juniors including Ryan Montgomery, Julius Camp, Desmont Jones, Larry Hobbs, Steven Stewart, and Mike Day. The starting line up is, Mike Day, Adam Smith, DJ Hayden, James Day, and Matteo Galli.

James Day and Mike Day are the only brothers on the team. They have a massive impact on the team, James Day is a captain; Mike isn’t a captain but he plays like one. He is almost always on the court; he has a magnificent impact on the score board.

Captain DJ Hayden said “I feel like if we play together as a team and run our plays, we’ll be fine. We have to make sure we run the floor and play hard on defense, but it takes all five guys on the floor and all thirteen on the roster to win games.”

“The new coaching style is a lot better,” said Matteo Galli, “he is more aggressive and lets us play our game,” says Ryan Montgomery, “he motivates us,” said captain DJ Hayden.


Larry Hobbs, guard, came from Great Mills; Leonardtown vs. Great Mills was on Friday December 9th 2011.  The team looks pretty solid, most of the players are returning from last year. The boys on this team have been playing together since freshman year; the chemistry is great said Captain Adam Smith. Senior Matteo Galli said “I’m excited to be playing with this team, we all get along, and we will do a great job this season.”


The boys played hard against Great Mills; working their defense so hard that captain DJ Hayden had the chance to dunk on Great Mills. Great Mills wasn’t expecting that, almost like Hayden is our secret weapon. The final score was 85 – 58. The guys played hard and were ahead at the half, but ended up losing the game. It’s still early in the season though; once they have more time to play together, this is sure to be an eventful season. This season should be great, with a new coach and new positive attitudes! Good luck boys, hope you have a great season!