The Bird Cage

Sydney Mooney, Junior Staff Writer

The Bird Cage is a Leonardtown tradition. It is a widely known aspect to the Raider Nation basketball games. It is located behind the east basketball hoop and really gets the crowd and players pumped. The Bird cage is usually reserved for the most outgoing and obnoxious students. They yell to the fans in the bleachers and at the players on the court, keeping the energy levels high. Yelling chants and all sorts of things, which makes the games a lot of fun.

Last year the Bird Cage was closed half way through the season because students took advantage of it, yelling things insults at the other team as well as to our own team. This year we have to make sure we respect it, the teachers, players, and coaches; so that it can stay open and we can all have the full experience and enjoyment of the Bird Cage. Because we all know it wasn’t the saem having to sit in the normal bleachers on the sides of the court.

“We are planning to keep the Bird Cage open for home basketball games. Hopefully, we can all have fun, enjoy the Bird Cage and represent our school well with appropriate behavior. I am pretty excited to be a part of Leonardtown’s energy as we root for our teams this winter.” Mrs. Montgomery said.

The Bird cage is many students favorite part of the games, because the energy levels are so high and it’s such a good time to be a part of. Leonardtown is known for its Bird Cage. Maybe this year we can get Ozzy out like at the football games and get him into the fun of the Bird Cage.

The Bird Cage is a Leonardtown tradition. Home games aren’t as fun without it. So this year act right, and cheer on the basketball teams. Lets hope we have a good season to cheer for!