Fall Banquet

Jenna Hall, Sophomore Staff Writer

Leonardtown has a lot to be proud of this fall sports season! Football won our homecoming game, #40 Stephen Stewart made all SCAM second team. Cody Jameson, 6th in the state for Golf. Boys’ soccer won SMAC, and went to Regionals. Girls’ soccer in 2nd place for SMAC, and went to Regionals.

This year LHS varsity volleyball made it to the 4A East Semi-finals where they lost to Arundel High School (the 4A East Regional Champion.) “I was very happy with the LHS volleyball team this year.  We accomplished many of our team goals.  Overall we finished with 12 wins and 4 loses.  We had several athletes that stood out this season.  Madison Pachner had over 100 kills for the season.  Rachel Riser was a strong performer who contributed 89 kills and served over 90%.  Jessica Harris had a tremendous season defensively with over 59 blocks this season (second in the state).” Said head Volleyball Coach, Mr. Correll.

Leonardtown football went and fought every game, they gave it their all. “I feel very good about the season.  The boys fought very hard and did a terrific job throughout the year.  We didn’t get all the wins we wanted but we were competitive in almost every game.  We finished the year second in the conference in rushing and scored more points this year then we have scored in a very long time.   Turnovers hurt us on offense and put our defense in a bind throughout the year.  If we can eliminate the little mistakes like turnovers the season could have drastically been different.  Regardless I have never been more proud of a senior class and a team overall. They were a great group of young men and I feel very privileged to have been their head coach.  I was lucky enough to have a great coaching staff and great group of young men.  It made for a very enjoyable year and although things didn’t always go our way I know how great of a team we had this year.

” Said head football coach, Coach Nines. Leonardtown’s star players were #50 Josh Burch who led the team in tackles, was our best offensive linemen, and team captain.  He was the rock of the team.  #40 Stephen Stewart, he was 4th in the conference in sacks, rushed for 1007 yards. He was nicknamed the ‘truck’.  His nickname fit him well, as he rolled over people as a running back.  #44 Darion Duvall and #20 Darius Woodland were great running backs on our team that played very well throughout season.  #2 Zach Stiefvater, a team captain, great quarter back, an awesome corner and the leader of the offense. #39 Nathan Tenney was second in the team in tackles and played great as our starting tight end.  He was a team captain.  We also had tremendous contributions from underclassmen.

Cross Country had an out standing season. Austin Mills, Bobby Young, Jaime Branaman, Samantha Zarzaca, and Rachel Labatt went to states. “Overall, I am very happy with out season. Boys were 9-3 in SMAC, girls were 10-2 and we had strong performances at meets such as Georgetown Prep Invitational, Regionals, and states. I’m really proud of their had work!” said head coach, Ms. Bridges.

Leonardtown cheerleaders make football games interesting. The girls did an outstanding job!  “This season was extra exciting for me personally because it was my first season coaching for LHS. My captains were amazing; Jordan Abramson, Miranda Ruby and Lauren Filardo. They’re experience showed in their stunting, tumbling, cheering, as well as in their leadership skills. We had three freshmen, Thea Williams, Lisa Wagaman, and Tysonnia Gorrick, on Varsity that picked up everything so quickly and really held their own with the upperclassmen. Lisa Youngblood was a standout this season as well as Savanna Gault. Both of them gave 110% and it showed! Overall the team really came together. They all had such positive attitudes and worked so hard to put on good performances for every game. Homecoming was huge for us this year! All three squads got to perform a number of exciting routines throughout the day at the pep rally, during the game, and at half-time. ” said head cheerleading coach Elizabeth Collins.

Leonardtown girls’ soccer did a great job this season! They really have something to be proud of. All SMAC first team; forward Karissa Fenwick, midfielder Hayley Wilson, Defender Olivia Carlson. Hayley Wilson also made first team ALL STATE; she will be playing in the ALL STATE game on Monday, November 21st. We had a great season finishing 2nd place in the conference and 2nd place in the region.  We finished 14-2-1 overall.  Our two losses were to teams that are playing in the State Championships tonight.  It was a fun season overall and we will miss our 10 seniors that are graduating.” Said head coach Jen Henderson.

Leonardtown Varsity boys’ soccer had a great run this season! Finishing the season with the record of 11-1 is outstanding. The one lost was in the regional final against Severna Park. 1st team All-SMAC honors were: Senior Forward Craig Brubacher, Senior Midfielder Davis Holland, and Senior Defender Eric Pope. Earning 2nd Team All-SMAC honors were Senior Forward Jon Milan and Senior Midfielder Caleb Crispell. Davis Holland was selected as the SMAC Player of the Year. “The key to the teams success was an outstanding senior class that also included Zach Barthelmes, Kyle Crandall, Andrew Jones and Reid Toombs. Although this group will be sorely missed, next years team should be very good with returning starters David Detwiler, Chad Selph, Will Leibler, Justin Nestor and JP Zaorski.” Said head coach David Holland.

Leonardtown Field Hockey had a terrific season! Finishing 10-2 after playoffs but, 11-1 in the regular season! Making all SMAC first team is; Forward Allison Johnson, Midfielder Abby Finkelston, Back Laci Bowes. Making all SMAC second team; Clara Schaller. “We had a terrific season and the teams, both V and JV, seemed to bond with each other quite well.” Said head coach Mia Finkelston.

The Golf team has something to be very proud of; Cody Jameson was 6th in the state.

Way to go Leonardtown fall sports! You guys had a terrific season! Congratulations to all! And good luck next year.