Girls Volleyball, Leonardtown vs. Northern, Sept. 15.


Some sports fans like to argue that football has the most dedicated and enthusiastic audience, but last night at this volleyball game, that was highly debatable. It wasn’t even the half way through the first game and the crowd was going crazy! There was loud stomping, exuberant cheering, and the team itself was very eager. This game was very intense, and although we lost on all rounds (9-20, 16-22, and 13-25), each game kept the audience on edge the entire time.  The highlight of the game was definitely in the 3rd round when our team started becoming very competitive. The Raiders started taunting the other team with each hit and slam we got; this was also when we started catching up in score with them. The players that stuck out were #1, #13, and #4; they really helped the team out. Overall, our team was a good representative for our school with its sportsmanship and always sticking up for each other. After each play, our team would huddle up together and encourage one another. “It’s definitely a team sport and a mental game. If one person goes down, the whole team goes down. We have to keep a positive attitude. Communicating with one another is very important. It’s pretty intense,” said Leigh Laurel, one of the JV players.