One Acts

One Acts

Samantha Blottenberger, Senior Staff Writer

Do you like watching plays but your mind wanders off during the second act of the play? Then One Acts are for you! One Acts are a type of play that only consist of one or two acts per play. The time frame for one-acts can last anywhere from 10 to 60 minutes, while a normal play typically lasts anywhere from 90 to 120 minutes. 

Tryouts for our own Leonardtown High School One Acts this year occurred back in early December of 2019. During tryouts everyone auditions for each One Act in small groups that move around to various directors round-robin style, unless while trying out a student specifically says that they do not want to audition for a particular show.

After the cast lists are posted, at the end of December, the students get to work. They begin practicing their acts, working on them an average of around 3 days a week up till their grand performance which is on January 31st. In the end, there are 6 different directors and about 45 ROSE players cast in the various One Acts.

All One Acts are completely student-directed by current seniors. Every senior that is interested in directing a One Act has to do a large amount of research in order to decide which One Act they would like to direct. The shows they decide between are initially included in the director’s application they had received in the beginning. Students put a lot of time and dedication into each of the One Acts so that they can share their own passions with everyone watching. 

This year’s One Acts include: 


  • A Game: By Temma Schlesinger 
  • The Lottery: By Elliot Workman and Haley Brooks 
  • Driver’s Test: By Griffin Ball 
  • Flowers for Algernon: By Michael Evans 
  • Waiting for the Matinee: By Chloe Harsha 
  • Fire Exit: By Jacob Prentis