Snowback Throwback

Regan Walker, Senior Writer

The lights flash and blink in blue, red, green. A crowd of teenagers bunch together in the middle, moving along to the bass. Popular hit songs blast from the speakers and have girls and guys alike jumping and bopping along. Dance songs have everyone getting up on their feet, and slow songs have couples join together and sway. Girls dress in their prettiest, sparkliest dresses, and guys pull on their suits and ties.

On Saturday, February 11th 2017, students will come together, celebrate being a teenager, and have the time of their lives. It is Snowback Throwback, and everyone is looking forward to letting loose and having fun. It is the last Snowball for our seniors, but there won’t be any tears shed on this night to remember.

The Snowball dance is a long held tradition here at Leonardtown High School, ever since our doors opened back in 1978. But, since it’s inception last year, Honor Week is starting to become a new tradition. A play off of Spirit Week, Honor Week is a time to dress up and support the school. Everyone is encouraged to participate in the events for each day as well as attend the home basketball game on Friday vs Calvert. Tickets are $20 and on sale in the auxiliary gym this week. If you need any information about the dance, watch LTV or visit for up-to-date info.

Honor Week will begin Monday, February 6th with America Day. Tuesday is Character day, Wednesday is Sports day, Thursday is Dress Like a Teacher day, and Friday is Spirit Day and the basketball game. Each grade level is collecting donation for the Make A Wish Foundation in the Auxiliary Cafeteria during One Lunch. The grade that donates the most money will be presented the “Goblet of Honor”(a version of the Spirit Stick) at the dance.

Grab a group of friends or a date and make winter memories at this year’s Snowback Throwback.