Class Officers Announced


Jason Ferris, Editor

After a long year of waiting, the results are in for the election. No, not the presidential election. That is a story for another time. It’s the election for your class officers.

Congratulations to your class of 2019 officers:



President Bella Dakis

Vice President Sarah Davis

Treasurer Kelly Carpenter

Secretary Natalie Voithofer

Historian Izzie Hornbuckle

Congratulations to your class of 2018 officers:


President Ryan Lacey

Vice President Kyle Lacey

Secretary Alanis Walker

Historian Jane Bailey

Congratulations to your class of 2017 officers:


President Robert Ortega

Vice President Chris Broganca

Secretary Megan Mattei

Historian Joey Kosten

Raiders, your class officers have worked hard to earn your vote and will continue to work to earn your respect. Hopefully, you chose wisely.