Finding Your Dream Career and How You Can Get Started

Reagan Walker, Junior Staff Writer

How to Find your Dream CareerListen up, Juniors and Seniors: if you were like me, or many of your other peers, trying to figure out what career or job that you want to succeed in can be a confusing whirlwind of decisions. To help alleviate this, we’ve gathered some tips that might help to point you in the right direction on this big selection.


Tip #1: Focus on interests.

What kind of hobbies and activities do you like to do? Whether you enjoy cooking, writing, reading, or working with computers, it can be helpful to look at the things you appreciated or took an interest in when you were growing up. In looking at these passions, you can step back to look at what you would find enjoyable for the long run- after all, as the old saying goes, “if you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life.”


Tip #2: Get involved.

School or community clubs are another great option to find that career that you are looking for as they can help to show you the ropes of what you could be doing in that path of work. Clubs like GSA, the Spanish or French Club, Key Club, and others all provide great opportunities to help within Leonardtown; if your interests are geared more toward helping out in your community, try getting involved in an after school program. There are a lot of opportunities available to help you on your path to finding the right career, so be sure to check out every option that you can!


Tip #3: Get inspired.

Take a look at your family and friends, and talk to them about their career paths.  If there is a job  a family member performs that you have an interest in, you’ll have an instant ally to help you on your way to pursuing it.,  For example, if your dad works for graphic company, and you yourself like to design on the computer in your free time, then this could be the dream career that you have been looking for- and gives you the great opportunity to get your foot in the door to that profession.


Those are only the tip of the iceberg to tips that’ll help you to find the path to your dream career. Many more ideas and pointers are out there, so never stop searching. If you are still having trouble finding a great career, in whatever it is that you dream of, talking to someone that you know like a family member, a teacher, or maybe your friend could help to clear some of the fog. There are countless books about careers that can be found in your local library, or you can go to a career website online to get some direction. Of course, the path to finding your ideal vocation is different for all, but the most important thing is to keep looking and never give up, because what will make you happy doing for the rest of your life could be just around an undiscovered corner.