Bored and Looking for an Adventure? Here, Have Some 2015 Summer Ideas

Valerie Gregorio, Senior Staff Writer

The school year is winding down and summer is almost here. It is that time year where everyone wants to go to the beach or go shopping at the mall with their friends. This is the last summer for seniors before they go off to college. There are many things to do during the summer. If you do not know what to do during the summer besides going shopping or laying at the beach here is to do list of things that you want to do this summer.

1. Volunteering at a hospital.

2. Take self-defense classes.

3. Visit colleges if you are going to be a junior or senior soon.

4. Work at a part time job.

5. Go on a cruise (if you have money).

6. Watch the latest movies or concerts.

7. Visiting your local swimming pool.

8. Go bowling with your friends and family.

9. Travel to another country.

10. Go to the gym to get some exercise.

11. Go for a bike ride.

12. Go to the salon to get your hair and nails done.

13. Host a wild party with music, food, and dancing.

14. Go for a nature walk in the woods.

15. Visit your local museums.

16. Learn how to knit a scarf.

17. Learn how to surf.

18. Learn how to cook delicious recipes.

19. Take your dog out for a walk.

20. Take college classes to earn college credit.

21. Participate in a summer play.

22. Take swimming lessons.

23. Go camping.

24. Go to a haunted house.

25. Go to a waterpark.

26. Go to Kings Dominion or Six Flags

27. Take a tour bus to go sightseeing

I asked Tim Kieber, a LHS senior, about what is he doing over the summer and he said, “I am planning to go to Kings Dominion with my friends. I am also going to college orientation at West Virginia University.”

I also asked Emma Schneider, a LHS senior, about what she is doing over the summer and said, “I am going to camp in West Virginia with my friends. I will also attend college orientation, go to the beach, and work during the summer.”
There are many things to do this summer and do not waste your time being bored. Find something that interests you. Do something that you have never done before. The opportunities Summer will be gone before you know it.