Leonardtown High School Clubs


Tia LaPore

Photo Credit: Tia LaPore If you want to become a member of the Thespian Society, you should get involved in the school plays, such as last year’s show, Little Women the Musical.

Julianna Bennett and Allison Guy, Sophomore Staff Writers

Leonardtown High School offers a variety of clubs to serve many people’s interests. If you’re new here or just want to know what clubs are available, here is a list of clubs as well as information about them.

Best Buddies

Best Buddies is an organization that pairs students with special needs students to form friendships and to help build awareness about students with disabilities. Some activities that Best Buddies participates in are an annual trip to Bowles Farm, ice skating, and pizza parties. The current president is Maggie Emmerich. As of the clubs first meeting on September 4th, there were over 70 students who attended! Some students are paired 1:1 with special needs students, but others are associate members and are not 1:1. If you’re interested, meetings are once a month, though the days change each month. To find out the next meeting dates watch LTV or check the Best Buddies board outside of the gym.

Chess Club

Chess Club meets after school every Thursday from 2:55 to 4:00. Contact Ms. Tira (room E10) for more information.

Chinese Club

Chinese club is a club dedicated to deepening students knowledge in Chinese culture and language with fun and engaging activities. In past years the club has taken trips to Chinatown in D.C. and to see world renowned Chinese acrobats. Students who are in the Chinese class are also able to fly to China where they have in past years climbed the great wall, explored the forbidden city, and more! During Chinese New Year the Chinese classes and club host the Chinese New Year celebration where over 200 guests attend, including many from our local Chinese community. The current president of this club is Meredith Mountjoy (12th grade) and vice president is Eric Pugh (12th grade). During an average club day students will watch Chinese movies, eat Chinese snacks and practice their Chinese. So if you’re interested, the club meets on Wednesdays after school until 4:00 in Mrs. Zhang’s room (2F13).

Computer Bowl

The Computer Bowl is a club made up of groups of students that work to compete in the Annual SMECO Computer Bowl, which takes place the first Saturday in March. Every school is allowed three groups of students, and the groups can contain no more than four people. The programs that students can use are BASIC, Java, C++ or Python. Before being accepted onto a team, students are required to take a small literacy test that included some programming problems in which then must solve. Students need to be able to write in one of the previously mentioned programs. The club meets on Mondays. Contact Mrs. Loffler for more information.

Creative Writing Club

If you have an interest in creative writing, then you should consider joining Creative Writing Club. During the club meetings, students bring in pieces of writing that they have written, share their writing, and get advice on how to improve it. The club meets on Tuesdays after school in Ms. Gill’s room.


FCA, standing for Fellowship of Christian Athletes, is a club that allows students to get together with other students which whom they can share their faith. During these club meetings, students share in fellowship and devotionals as well as enjoy snacks and play games. The current presidents of this club are Emma Scott, Abby Riegert, Scott Stevenson, Nate Mason, Cody Schuyler, and Thomas Repasi. So if you want to share your faith with friends, and have fun, then join FCA. Meetings are on Wednesdays from 7:00-7:45 in the Media Center before school.

French Club

French Club meets once a month to take part in activities that celebrate French culture, including making French food such as crepes and Belgian waffles. The club dues are $10 per person and can be paid at the school bank. French Club is open to all students, even those who aren’t taking French as a foreign language class. Contact Mrs. Tsekouras for more information.

Gay-Straight Alliance

GSA is a club that promotes acceptance for all people. Club members discuss controversial issues, watch movies, play games, and eat food. In past years club members have also made stickers for teachers’ doors showing that they support LGBT students. Number of students in the club is usually about 8, but vary throughout the year.The club meets after school in Ms. Musser’s room, C29. The club does not have a set day of the week meeting, but meetings are announced on LTV and displayed in the GSA showcase behind the cafeteria.

Interact Club

Interact Club provides community service opportunities for students. The club meets in room 2E37 (Ms. Mandis’ room) after school on Thursdays.

International Thespian Society

The International Thespian Society is an Honor Society for theater, that works together with the ROSE players. To get inducted into this club you must meet the set criteria, which you can meet by acting in LHS productions, being involved in the technical aspects, helping with publicity and fundraising, or all of the above! So essentially by being involved in the theater, you will be earning points towards getting into the International Thespian Society.This years president for ITS is senior Angel Higgs. There are usually about 20-30 people in ITS at a time. This club lets students come together to enjoy everything theater related in a friendly environment where they will make many new friends. So if you’re interested in being in ITS, the first step would be to simply get involved in one of the two main productions or the one acts at LHS.

Photo Credit: Tia LaPore If you want to become a member of the Thespian Society, you should get involved in the school plays, such as last year’s show, Little Women the Musical.
Photo Credit: Tia LaPore
If you want to become a member of the Thespian Society, you should get involved in the school plays, such as last year’s show, Little Women the Musical.

Key Club

Key Club gives students an opportunity to do service to others. The club is student-led and is focused on teaching students leadership skills. Key Club meets every other Monday after school in Mr. Bloch’s room. Contact Mr. Bloch for more information.

Latin Club

Latin Club gives Latin students an opportunity to get to know each other and Latin culture. Latin Club celebrates a different Roman festival each month. The celebrations include a “horse race” (a motorized truck race) and the “sacrifice of a horse” (a pinata) for the October Horse festival. If Latin Club members get straight “A’s” in Latin, they are eligible to be inducted into the National Latin Honor Society, and club members can apply for scholarships if they plan to take Latin in college. The club usually has about twelve to fifteen students, and they meet once a month in Ms. Haye’s room. Meeting dates are posted on the school’s website under “Clubs”. Shelby Harold is the president of the Latin Club.

Model United Nations

All students can take part in the countywide Model United Nations, which takes place in February. The organizational committee, which plans the countywide MUN, meets every other Saturday from nine a.m. to ten a.m. in Mr. Denny’s trailer. The committee is a good opportunity for students to do community service. There are usually about twenty students on the organizational committee. Students who are in Global Diplomacy class have the opportunity to take part in another Model United Nations, which takes place at Old Dominion University in February. Model United Nations teaches critical thinking, problem-solving skills, communication skills, and will improve a student’s knowledge about real-world issues. For more information about Model United Nations, contact Mr. Denny.

National Honor Society

The purpose of NHS is to do service to others and develop leadership skills. NHS takes part in many service events throughout the year, such as organizing the Snowball Dance and the Spring Olympics. They also volunteer at the College Fair and Christmas in April, as well as other events. The president of NHS is Gabrielle Cory. National Honor Society applications are open to sophomores, juniors, and seniors with a GPA of 3.50 or higher. Students have to attend at least one information session to be considered a candidate. Information sessions are on September 18th and 25th after school in Ms. Fallon’s room. See Ms. Wogman or Ms. Fallon for more information.

Student Council Association

The SCA offers an opportunity for students to participate in school and community activities. The club organizes the Homecoming Dance and promotes multiple fundraisers, such as Harvest for the Hungry and Jeans for Teens. There are usually somewhere between fifty and sixty students in the club, and the president is Sarah Husted. Students need to apply to get into SCA, and they usually meet once a month in the auditorium during period 1, 2, or 3. Contact Mr. Byrnes for more information.

Ski Club

The Ski Club goes on an annual ski trip to Seven Springs Mountain Resort in Pennsylvania, and the members fundraise for this trip throughout the year. The ski trip is open to juniors and seniors, and the first informational meeting is on September 16th in the media center before and after school. No more than fifty-two students can go on the trip. For more information, http://bahager.wix.com/lhssnowraiderslopes.

Spanish Club

The Spanish Club is a club dedicated to learning about Hispanic and Latino culture. The club usually has about forty members, which are mostly students that take Spanish class. The students in the club cook foods from a variety of Spanish-speaking countries, make crafts, and go on field trips, which include going to a dance studio to learn Latin dance and going out to eat at Mexican restaurants. Club dues this year are $10 and can be paid at the school bank. The club meets in Ms. Russell’s room (2F14) on the first Tuesday of each month.

Tutoring Our Peers

TOP is a student run tutoring program! Students who need help with their courses can come to TOP with their work to get the help they need! The current president of TOP is Elizabeth Feist. If you’re interested in becoming a tutor for TOP, and believe you could tutor others well, then contact Mrs. Ryan who would get in touch with your teachers for a recommendation to tutor. TOP meets on Tuesdays in the media center after school from 2:45-3:00, and the first meeting will be held on October 14.

For more information on any of the clubs offered at our school, go to http://schools.smcps.org/lhs/clubs.