Introducing: Mr. Carr

Cassie Osvatics, Senior Op/Ed Writer

For those who are taking Mr. Denny’s Global Diplomacy class you’ve probably met Mr. Carr and know why he’s at Leonardtown. But for those who haven’t, Mr. Carr is currently earning his Master’s degree in Teaching at St. Mary’s College. He grew up in Anne Arundel County where he attended Southern High School and played baseball and basketball. In his free time, you could find him at St. Mary’s playing Ultimate Frisbee.
When asking Mr. Carr why he wants to become a teacher, he said, “All of my life I have been involved in athletics and have had a desire to coach. Teaching seemed to be one of the best avenues to achieve this. Aside from that, I feel that good teachers can make a huge difference to a lot of kids. If I am able to have an impact on only a few students it will be worth it.” In my Global Diplomacy class I’ve been able to personally witness his want and desire to become a teacher and impact students. Much like Mr. Denny, he also believes that students need to be involved in every aspect they can in life, especially with everything going on in the world. Mr. Denny says, “He is very effective in getting his point across to students about being involved in things that affect them; be it voting, economics, or world events.”
For the majority of the school year, he and the other student interns have been going back and forth every two weeks between St. Mary’s and Leonardtown teaching in the classes they plan to teach after they’re certified this year. They’re currently here at Leonardtown for eight weeks, assuming full time teaching responsibility. “While the program has been difficult it has been really enjoyable getting to know my awesome students. As well, teaching Global Diplomacy with Mr. Denny has been very enjoyable. This class is extremely important for students, everyone should be taking it”, according to Mr. Carr.
At the end of his program, he and two others will have the opportunity to teach in Slovenia for six weeks. He will be teaching social studies at a middle school and will have the chance to work with students with different linguistic and cultural backgrounds. At the end of his program in June, Mr. Carr will earn his Master’s degree and have his teaching certification. Junior Adrianna Kamosa says, “Mr. Carr is really great at explaining things and is in touch with current events. He always explains things nicely and is very laid back and able to connect with students.”
Overall, Mr. Carr seems dedicated to being a good teacher and accomplishing his goals. He will be a fantastic addition to some teaching staff and a positive roll model for his future students. And who knows, maybe you’ll see him at LHS next year.