Who’s the New Guy in School?


Mr. Leischer

Katrina Bennett, Head Editor

For the past week or so, you may have been noticing a new face in the hallways. You may have been wondering ‘who’s the new guy in school?’ Well, that new guy is ninth grade English teacher Mr. Leischer. More than just a fresh face on the teaching staff though, Mr. Leischer seems to be a pretty interesting guy, and we at LHS are lucky to have him in our community!

Before becoming a teacher, Mr. Leischer went to college right down the road at St. Mary’s College of Maryland and of the college, he said, “I absolutely loved it. It’s where I met my fiancé; we’re getting married in June!” Although he has been in the area for a while, and actually lived in Maryland for the past ten years, he has called other places home as well. In the past, Mr. Leischer has traveled to thirty-four states and lived in Arizona, Oregon, North Carolina, and in the state that his family is originally from, Wyoming. “I’ll be visiting them this Christmas (in Wyoming),” he explained.

From the time he was a kid, Mr. Leischer said that he had loved reading, and still when it rains, he says, “I love to read anything I can get my hands on.” How did this love grow into the decision to be a teacher though? Well, Mr. Leischer said, “I honestly didn’t decide to be a teacher till I was almost finished with college! I’ve loved the English Language and Reading since I was a kid, and that grew into me studying it at St. Mary’s. I had amazing professors who passed on their excitement for language and literature and it only seemed right that I do the same as a teacher.”

Besides his passions related to his day job, Mr. Leischer gave light to some other unique facts about himself. He explained that he loves to go hiking and long boarding in his spare time, but that he has no idea how to whistle. He jokes, “It baffles me.” Although he now he part of LHS, he explained that him and his two siblings all went to Patuxent High School and said, “We’re known pretty notoriously over at Patuxent!”

Finally, when asked what his first impressions of LHS were, Mr. Leischer kindly stated, “LHS seems like a pretty amazing school. Everyone I’ve met has been super friendly and available to help me whenever I’ve been in need.” So, if you see that new face around the hallways now, you’ll know its Mr. Leischer, and maybe you can even help him out with a few whistling lessons! Welcome to LHS Mr. Leischer from The Imprint!