E-Reader or Book: Which One?

E-Reader or Book: Which One?

Gabby Tancredi, News Writer

E-readers, such as the Kindle, have grown popular in America. They hold a lot and take up little space.

The e-readers haven’t been around for very long, but their popularity is growing. Now, some people think we should get rid of all paper books and go completely electronic. “I would rather use the e-reader than books,” says sophomore Anna Valasquez.

While some want to get rid of paper books, others don’t. They have been around for ages. Just because something new comes along doesn’t mean we can completely abandon the old; we can still use the old ones, especially when there’s nothing wrong with it. “I would rather use regular books,” says sophomore Becky Dodson.

They have recorded history and told stories. “I would use both,” says Sophomore Garland Brooks.

E-readers haven’t been around long. Like I said before, their popularity is growing. Who wouldn’t want to carry around an entire library? The e-readers are great because of how much they hold. No wonder so many want to switch to e-readers.

The effects of the e-readers haven’t all been good. Bookstores who don’t sell the kindle or other e-readers have been losing business and causing some to completely go out of business.

There are two sides to every story. Both the e-reader and traditional books have both good and bad sides. Both are great. We should not have to choose between the two. We can have the Kindle and other e-readers, but we can still have books too.

There are many types of e-readers out there: the Kindle, iPad, and the Nook. All three can hold a lot. An obvious difference is the size. The Kindle can hold over 200 titles, a 16GB iPad can hold about 50,000 books, a nook can hold up to 6,000 books. The size and amount of books the e-reader can hold is really one of the only differences between most e-readers.

But one thing all e-readers have in common is they hold a lot more books than traditional books. In a traditional book, you usually only get one book.That’s not nearly as many as an e-reader can hold. They are an amazing creation. I have a feeling e-readers are going to be around for a long time.