Students Care About What They Wear


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Brooke Bixby, News Writer

One thing that students often talk about is the dress code. Most people don’t like it, but it has to be enforced because what students wear can become a big problem. “The aspect that gets on my nerves the most is shorts, because girls are going to break the rules anyway and the one time I wear shorts will be the one time they enforce it,” says sophomore Amanda Mckinley. Students and some staff have seen some people wear something inappropriate and students don’t get caught.

“I think that shorts should have a limit but not to the finger tips. I think there should be no strapless but we should be able to wear at least spaghetti straps,” said sophomore Savanna Carter. As everyone says, the finger tip rule can get pretty annoying. Sometimes they’re not to your finger tips but you can still get away with it because they are not ridiculously short.

Ms. Chappelear, a technology teacher at Leonardtown High School, said “I think the dress code is appropriate because we are in a professional setting and its important that all students and staff alike adhear to the dress code. Dress code goes for everybody, staff and students. It definitely needs to be a necessary thing. You should know what is good for school and not. It’s a very good thing that we have the dress code.”

Some staff members know that kids are not going to come to school in skirts down to their ankles and shorts down to their knees. Students should know if it is something they are not going to get away with in school. It’s not only that, but since we are in a professional setting, the school administrators and teachers don’t want students coming to school in something that is see through, has their whole entire back hanging out, their bra or boxers hanging out, or something that shows their entire stomach. Before students walk outside, they should take a second look at themselves and ask “Is this really appropriate for school?”