What’s Up With Infinity War?

Whats Up With Infinity War?

Emily Carpenter, Sophomore Writer

Recently, the new Marvel cinematic masterpiece Infinity War was released, and unless you have been living in another universe, you have probably heard about it or saw it on opening weekend. Infinity War is the fourth installment of the Avengers series and proved to be the most anticipated movie of the year, collaborating with the Guardians of the Galaxy. Thanos, a wretched and misguided villain in the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise plans to destroy half the universe and sacrifice the only person he loves, Gamora, to receive one of the last infinity stones which are capable of mass destruction if put together. The end of the first part of Infinity War left fans distraught, in tears, and confused about what is to come in the second part. There are many fan theories on the internet, some farfetched and some very realistic and plausible. With that said, what happened at the end of Infinity War? What did the symbol represent on Nick Fury’s phone? What can fans anticipate before the arrival of part two?

In recent Marvel films, there have been many characters that are missing or have worked together to fight in various unexpected ways. In Captain America: Civil War, we do not see Hulk or Thor, but we see their return in Thor Ragnarok and their fight for Thor’s homeland, Asgard. Civil War gives us an appearance from the seemingly retired Clint Barton, or Hawkeye. We also see Ant-Man and a brief performance in the big fight scene between Captain America and Iron Man. All Marvel movies connect, and the reasoning for the absence of many characters usually means that they will make an appearance in a later Marvel film to help fight or establish a better understanding of the situation.


The ominous message Nick Fury sent at the end of Infinity War left a symbol of a new character introduction, and those who do not follow comics were most likely oblivious to that being Captain Marvel. Fans can anticipate an independent Captain Marvel film and most likely an appearance in Infinity War part two. With half of the universe disappeared, we do not have all of the Wakandans, Guardians, or Avengers. Fans are anxious to get their favorite characters back and fighting to save the world. Many beloved characters were lost in Infinity War, and fans are praying for the immediate return of the characters they developed a strong connection towards. Marvel films are notorious for always finding a way to keep fans anticipating great things and curious about what the future for our beloved characters holds for us, and Infinity War was no exception.