I’ve Run Out of Motivation


Michael Miles, Senior Staff Writer

School? Don’t know her. Don’t want to know her. Never heard of her. Truly, never experienced that emotion. It needs to be over. It’s almost over. But at this point, the school year is dragging on… and on… and on… and on. When will the 23rd get here? I’m sure I’ll miss school at some point (not really), but I just need it to be over.

Right now, the end-of-the-year projects are being assigned and I’m HAVING AN EMOTIONAL BREAKDOWN ON THE INSIDE. I have no idea what else to say. School has been fun but too much of something is not good. JK! I need to appreciate the education that I have been given and not let it go to waste. I do love school and learning, but right now my motivation for completing assignments is just lagging. And that’s the tea. Piping hot. My motivation is lagging.

Besides that, getting to school on time? GURL. That’s a story all in itself. Getting up in the morning is the struggle. And getting to school on time is even more of a struggle. It seems like regardless of what route I take to get to school with my bff Caroline Grace McDevitt, we are always late. And tell me why we have been late all year but NOW is when my parents choose to care?? Like??? Where is this coming from? And then I always get stopped by the receptionist in the front office and I am late so often that she probably has my student ID number memorized… a mess. It is May 3 and there are 20 days left until the last day of school including weekends. I just need to push. Motivation needs to come through because finals are still a thing and so are end-of-the-year projects. But just know that when May 19th comes, the day that senior grades are due, I will be rejoicing and ecstatic. School is almost over and I need Jesus to come through and help me with daily obstacles. I need it to be over. That is all.


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