What is Journalism

What is Journalism

Haley O'Reagan, Senior Staff Writer

As the 2017 school year comes to an end, students returning to Leonardtown next year are starting to think about potential classes. For upperclassmen especially, honors and AP class are high on on the list as they make their way towards college admission time. While these core classes are essential, I’ve found some of my favorite classes have been my electives; more specifically, journalism.

Signing up for my schedule last year, I had little knowledge about the journalism team. After the first couple of days into the school year however, I knew it was going to be an extremely fun and educational class that would start my morning right every weekday. Run by Mrs. Hager and Mr. David in the library, journalism has taught me writing and broadcasting skills I can apply to everyday life and will continue to use even past high school. The class has even inspired many students to pursue a career in journalism as they make their way into college.

With first hand experience writing scripts, filming, editing, and producing, the class operates as a real broadcasting studio each morning. In the beginning of the school year, each student is assigned a group that he/she will stay with for the rest of the school year. Each group functions in week long rotations that involve writing articles for the Imprint, filming for LTV, producing features to be added into the broadcast, and learning about the depths of journalism. The class also teaches indirectly about time management skills, creative writing practice, introduction and application of software programs, and speaking abilities.

As students are making decisions about their schedules for next year, I highly encourage them to look into the journalism program. It has something to offer every student and it’s impossible to leave the class without learning something new. The people involved are always supportive and the teaching staff is directly involved each and every day. If you think journalism may be a class for you, visit Mr. David or Mrs. Hager in the library to get an application today.