How LTV Almost Functions


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Headphones silhouette against On-Air sign symbolising a podcast broadcast.

Joy Deitrich, Senior Staff Writer

LTV may not have as much viewership as it once did but the process is more advanced than ever. The journalism students started this year with a new batch of machinery. Due to budgetary constraints, there were less advances than the program’s sponsors hoped but, as returning students will say, there has been an impressive upgrade. Ironically, now that the program has the resources to produce a more professional broadcast, the one lunch schedule has squashed viewership. A student’s schedule changes daily. Teachers only open their room at certain times and on certain days. These teachers are unsure whether to play LTV during A or B lunch and how many of their students still need to see it. To put it bluntly, there is no consistency. Mr. Watson needed a year to focus on the implementation of the one-lunch schedule–understandable. Yet, as the news crew scrambles to produce new and attractive LTV episodes, more are more kids are forgetting that it even exists. Let’s just make two things clear; LTV is still around, and it’s better than ever.

We have a director, a scriptwriter, a teleprompter controler, a visuals designer, and two anchors that produce each episode. In just one period (1st period that is), the team works to create the 8 to 12 minute broadcast of which few students are aware. Once filmed, our editor scours the episode to eliminate mistakes (profanities, ums, whats, wait whats) or form them into bloopers for your viewing amusement. This person must them splice in the many features that students in the program produce. After that, sponsor Mrs. Hager uploads the episode for teachers to ignore.

We, at Leonardtown’s journalism program, understand that the one lunch schedule has made catching our broadcast difficult but it is important to watch to stay involved, to be aware of upcoming events and opportunities, or just to have a laugh. If for no other reason than to justify the efforts of your journalism staff, WATCH LTV.