I’ve Run Out of Ideas


Michael Miles, Senior Staff Writer

Hey y’all! Me here, telling YOU that I, Michael Wayne Miles Jr. have run out of ideas for articles! So what am I going to talk to you about for this article? Great question! I am going to talk about whatever comes to mind.

FIRST, as I am writing this, I am sitting next to Katharine and she is trying to get JPatty’s attention. She told him that she is emailing him her article and Jason was quick to sass her back saying, “No you’re not, you’re gonna put it in the folder. That’s how we do it.” Isn’t the sass level through the roof? It’s crazy. Sometimes, it can truly be too much and I just don’t know what in the world to say to him.

You know what I just thought of? My love for cornbread. It is one of my favoritest foods in the entire world. To me it is so good and is absolute Heaven on Earth. I want to be buried surrounded in cornbread. How do you not like it? Fresh out of the oven with butter on it, nothing else compares. Honestly, truly, I know. By the way, my Amber darling looks absolutely beautiful today. And now I’m talking to Hailey Springer, THE fashion icon. Always serving looks on a daily basis, I love that girl very much.

What else can I talk about? ARTPOP. It has recently become my favorite Gaga era. I used to be a die-hard Born This Way fan, but ARTPOP has really grown on me recently and is just wonderful. The album is impeccable. Hit after hit after hit, I tell you. I highly recommend it. It’s something that is very easy to dance to. I love the album so much that it is really hard for me to choose a favorite. But if you were wondering, some of my faves are “Venus,” “Swine,” and “Gypsy.”

And now, an apology to my fans. Now I know this article did not live up to the standard of my usual articles, but y’all need to understand. It is the end of the quarter and I am barely hanging on by a thread. But next quarter, I will be back! With my usual sass and spunk. Love you all, thanks so much for the continuous love and support. You all are so beautiful, continue to be the rays of sunshine that you all are! XOXO!

With all the love in the world,

Michael Miles