Beauty Tips

Dallas Shrawder, Op/Ed Writer

Do you have problems with acne? Does your hair color always fade quickly after you just paid a bunch of money to get it dyed? Well keep reading for some beauty tips that could help save you lots of struggle!

I think it is safe to say 99% of people in the world all struggle with acne at some point in their life. Acne is somewhat inevitable, but there are some ways to help keep it under control. First things first, make sure to always wash your face in the morning when you wake up, and at night before you head to bed. Washing your face in the morning with mild soap helps to get rid of dirt, oil, or bacteria that may have built up on your face while you were sleeping. Cleaning your face before bed is vital to get all the built up dirt, oil, and bacteria you collected throughout the day. Shortly after you wash your face it is important to moisturize to put moisture back into your skin. Using an alcohol-free toner first, then (if needed) using an oil-free moisturizer. A toner helps to close your pores so when you apply the moisturized, your pores will not get clogged. Some other tips to help keep skin clear would be to drink plenty of water! I promise, it makes a difference! Wash your pillow cases regularly. You spend at least eight hours (give or take a couple hours) a night with your head on the pillow, make sure it is clean! Also, at night don’t forget to take off your makeup before you go to sleep! Your skin will thank you!

Going to the salon to get your hair dyed is a popular trend among girls, what is not so popular, however, is how quickly some of us must go back to the salon to touch up our hair since the color faded so fast. Something strongly recommended would be to use a dry shampoo and only wash your hair as often as you have to. Washing your hair too much can strip the color from your hair causing it to become dull. If you have oily hair and/or you do not like the thought of washing your hair less often than you have to, try to at least wash your hair every other day. If your hair is dry and/or you do not mind waiting to wash it, then try to wash every three or four days.

Give the tips a try! I really hope they make a difference in your hair/skin, as they did to mine.