Apple’s Branching Out

Apples Branching Out

David Jones, Senior Tech Editor

As of September 9th of this year, the communications technology company Apple had announced many new additions to their product line, with most to be released this November, including a new iPhone and iPad. Many are claiming that this is the new edge that the company has been looking for with such a decline in sales and rise of competition like their rival, Samsung. It would also be without question that with such a high popularity, that their new products will be instantly sold out on the day of release. But before one is quick to jump, let’s take a look at what’s there to offer.


Apple TV:

First off is literally Apple’s largest product, the Apple TV. The first of its kind, Apple has managed to set up a new style of how one would use the ordinary TV and remote. Now, as this TV may not be touchscreen, its remote functions as one. Forget pressing buttons on a remote pointed at the screen- now you can just use the remote’s new slide feature. Just like a touchscreen, you can slide and hold, or lightly tap, to move through your TV’s options. And if you don’t want to play with screen after screen, you can just ask Siri as the voice command system is installed to find out what you’re looking for. The TV itself relies mainly on apps and select cable channels, as compared to different cable companies. With this you have more access to the entertainment you want, whether it be games or movies. As well, now the movies you watch are in their highest quality, and games can be played and streamed at 60fps (Frames per second) and 1080p (pixels).

Apple iPad Pro:

Next is the newest part of its generation of the iPad, which functions the same as any other but with some slight improvements. The device is thinner so it can take up less space, but has a new larger screen with better functionality. With a 12-inch high by 8.68-inch space to create whatever one wants in their field. Also, the tablet has the latest in processing power with the A9X chip to give the best quality of fast-paced and picture-perfect use. For media usage, the iPad Pro has a four-speaker audio system so music or video sound clear and have the highest resolution Retina display for screen quality. To go with such high-end technology, the device is accompanied by many accessories, including a connectable keyboard cover, new headsets, and the new Apple Pencil.  


Apple Pencil:

A neat new accessory for the company’s product had caused some confusion upon release, as Apple showed off their new design tech, the Apple Pencil. It was said by Steve Jobs that he never wanted a stylus for the iPhone or iPad, but the Pencil isn’t a stylus: it’s like a normal pencil or a special paint brush. The sensors in the tip of the Pencil and the sensors in the iPad Pro correspond with each other to determine the strength or force on the brush, and can be used to change the style of drawing.   


Apple Watch iOS:

Last is the newest technology being incorporated into the Apple Watch. With a few small improvements, the iOS for the Watch is stacked full with new apps for the user to work with: now with over 200 apps, along with a new line of bands for the style of the watch itself. What seems like a little improvement proves to go a long way for change in communication.

         With the November launch, stores will soon be packed with Apple users that are dying to buy the latest in communications technology. Better mark your calendars soon cause there’s only a few weeks until full launch and certain pre-orders are already under way. Apple TVs and iPad Pros are coming into the market by storm with fans getting ready with extreme HYPE, be ready yourself.