GOP Candidates-The Race to the Top

GOP Candidates-The Race to the Top

Cassie Osvatics, Senior Op/Ed Writer

With the Iowa caucus and the New Hampshire primaries over, Mitt Romney has come out on top with Ron Paul and Newt Gingrich trying to pull ahead in the Grand Old Party (GOP) elections. Romney won 24.6% (30,015) of the votes with Rick Santorum trailing only 8 votes behind with 24.5% (30,007) of the votes. Paul was in third with 21.4% (26,219 votes), next was Gingrich at 13.3% (16,251votes), Perry was in fifth with 10.3% (12,604 votes), and before they dropped out, Michele Bachmann, had 5% (6,073) of the votes and Huntsman was dead last with only 0.6% (745) of the votes.

Santorum fell from second down to fifth in New Hampshire though with only 9.4% (23,362). Romney was still on top though, with a huge lead of 39. 3% (97,532 votes), followed by Paul with 22.9% (56,848), Huntsman in third with 16.9% (41,945) and Gingrich in forth 9.4% (23,411), and Perry in sixth with 0.7% (1766) of the votes, but Perry has recently dropped out.

So who are the top three to watch? Romney with his obvious lead, Santorum who I personally think will win because of his family values and clear views and plans for the economy, and Ron Paul, though extreme sometimes, is also well liked, especially among college students, for his American activism and anti-war positions. Due to recent scandals with his ex-wife, however, Gingrich may not be far from joining the others who have also dropped out.

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