Smartphones, Love or Hate?

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Meagan Beavers, Op-Ed Writer

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It seems like pretty much everyone is getting smartphones these days. A lot of people find them very appealing due to their uniqueness. These phones include touch screens, HD cameras, and apps. But, after talking to peers at Leonardtown, not as many people have them as you would think. Pretty much every phone brand has a type of Smartphone. Whether it’s a Droid, iPhone, or a Blackberry, I’ve personally never owned one. It is way too expensive to be paying an extra amount every month for the data package that is required when you get the phone. A typical phone bill for Verizon is about 120 dollars, but with a smartphone it can increase your bill to about 160 dollars. That is ridiculous and it really can add up in the long run! The smart phone population is increasing more and more every day, and I don’t understand it.

“Verizon over charges people for the phone itself. Then they get you with the $30.00 data charge every single month! It is really outrageous. Maybe in time the charge for a smartphone will go down,” says sophomore, Hope Jones. Personally, I don’t think the price of the phone will ever go down if they keep updating and adding new things to the different types of phones. I mean it is great to be able to surf the internet and have your own personal apps, but is it really worth 30 extra dollars you could be spending on something else? Most of the apps cause problems or create the phone itself to become slower than usual. Is it all that great?

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