Are the “new” artists getting too much attention?

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Meagan Beavers, Op-Ed Writer

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There’s a lot about the newest artists in 2010 to 2011 that most of us did not know, until now. Many new artists have entered to the music industry in the past two years and have just been taking control. According to the Billboard hits, Adele, an English song writer, released her first album in 2008, but I had no clue it happened at that time. But now, she is in the top “Hot 100” on along with the indie pop band, Foster the People with their single called “Pumped up Kicks,” that I absolutely love. But, do you think the new artists are getting too much attention? Everyone loves these new artists, but I think they are getting way too much attention from the listeners. What happened to the old artists that used to be just as popular as them? They don’t make as much money as they used to because of the newest artists entering. I feel bad for the older artists that used to be really popular, but now they are not even noticed.

I remember when Taylor Swift was just becoming favored when she released her first single, “Tim McGraw”, in 2006. It was the song of the year when I was that age. Just like now, Justin Bieber, a 17 year old teenager found on has so many singles out and is very popular. He even sells t-shirts, bags, accessories, and more for or younger children to buy. That gets everyone’s attention and is just another way of making money. I don’t understand why he became so popular in such a short time. Another artist, Lady Gaga, released her first album “The Fame” in 2008 and I remember buying it then. About a year later she started becoming popular because of her hit song, “Just Dance.” Some of the new artists are just making the old artists basically go down the drain. It’s just your opinion on if you believe it or not. RAIDERS

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