When Is It The Right Time to Decorate for Christmas?

Lillian McCauley, Sophomore Writer

      Christmas is a joyous holiday with great music, gifts ,and of course, decorations, but when is it actually time to decorate for Christmas? There is no actual right answer, it’s all up to preference. 

     Some people say right after Halloween or before Thanksgiving, while other people say right after Thanksgiving or even the day before Christmas. Some do not even decorate at all! 

       Here’s the thing, if you decorate early, you won’t have to worry about a holiday rush or a limit on lights, blow ups, ornaments, etc. If you wait until after Thanksgiving, you may not be able to find a lot of decorations because everyone is rushing to put them up. Also,  people ask, “ what about Thanksgiving?” You can celebrate Thanksgiving while decorations are up, they’re not a barrier. On the other hand, some people may feel weird celebrating Thanksgiving when there is Christmas all around them.   As we move into this holiday season tell us what you think about holiday decorating by taking our poll.

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When is the best time to decorate for the holidays?


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