The Meaning Behind Valentine’s Day


Valentines Mugs

Promise Morgan, Senior Writer

The typical message behind Valentine’s Day is to show your significant other your appreciation toward them but, how did Valentine’s Day tradition begin and what is the more complex meaning behind the day? 

Named after Saint Valentine, St. Valentine’s Day contains impressions from both the Roman and Catholic churches. There are various theories on who Saint Valentine was and what he did. Some say that when the Emperor of his time outlawed marriages for soldiers (because he had developed the opinion that single men performed better than married), Saint Valentine married young couples in secrecy. Then he was killed for that sacrifice. Another says he was breaking Christians out of cruel Roman prisons. Another about how Valentine was jailed yet fell in love with his Jailor’s daughter. Overall, there are many legends as to who Saint Valentine was. 

Valentine’s Day is celebrated in February, around the predicted time of Saint Valentine’s death or burial. Saint Valentine risked himself out of love for others. The beginnings of a commemorated holiday started with what he had stood for, no matter the legend. 

On Valentine’s Day, remind yourself of the risks or jumps your loved ones have taken for you. Consider appreciating them with a heartfelt note, small gift, or some extra-kind words. Everyone deserves to be appreciated for what they have done for someone else. In addition, keep in mind that while the holiday is generally focused on celebrating a significant other, other people in your life deserve some recognition as well.