The TEA About Senior Year

Michael Miles, Senior Staff Writer

Okay so everybody says that senior year is the easiest one yet… THAT IS A LIE FROM THE PITS OF HELL. DO NOT BELIEVE ANYONE WHO SAYS THAT! Yes, in some ways it will be the best year of your life, but do not think that you can just slack off. You still need to apply to college, get INTO college, and make sure you are still eligible to attend at the end of your senior year. Because often times, colleges will ask for a mid-year and end-of-the-year transcript. Stressful, right? Totally! But can you do it? DUH! Of course everyone will have varied experiences, but overall senior year is not as “easy” as it is made out to be (although it is much less stressful than junior year).

But do not fret, it does get easier. I’m not gonna lie, personally, with Capstone and college apps at the beginning of the year, I felt like my life was over (keep in mind this is coming from the most dramatic person on the planet), but once they were finished it felt much better! But, depending on your major, you may have to audition for different colleges every weekend and then before you know it, it’s time to apply for scholarships! Senior year is filled with finishing one step and then realizing you have 5 million others things to complete.

But, other than that, once you get your 5 million things done and you know what college you’re going to, life will seem wonderful and relaxed and stress-free. BUT STAY MOTIVATED! You cannot let senioritis take over, because a lot of universities (as said before) require an end-of-the-year transcript that shows you didn’t take school as a joke once you were admitted. Personally, I’ve never heard of someone being dismissed from a college because of their end-of-the-year grades, but I would hate to see it happen to any of you.

Senior year is filled with lots of things that are both exciting and stressful, but overall it’s a great year. Just make sure you stay on track with things and SERVE LOOKS. Set the standard, y’all are seniors, y’all are on top. It is your job to be the hot shiznit. Drink your water, exercise, stay skinny, and keep your skin happy, hydrated, and healthy, for it is all that matters.

Best of luck to all of you in your senior year, I hope all of you get into your first choices and thrive during your last year of high school and during college! I cannot wait to see you all flourish.

With all the love in the world,

Michael Miles